Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Kindle

I got a Kindle for Christmas from Jeff and I love it! I take it everywhere with me.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, even though I did specifically request it. My kindle is so light and portable. I love that I can carry around an almost unlimited number of books with me. I was always slogging around books with me and some of them were prettty big/heavy. So this is nice. I've also managed to find a cache of free books from amazon and another website. I currently have 26 books on my kindle and I think I've paid for about 8 of them. Sweet!
Currently I am reading a book called Doan & Carstairs Mysteries, Book Two: The Mouse in the Mountain  (the delightful mystery classic!). That last part makes me laugh.
I read the first book, which is more like a short story; and I really enjoyed it. This series was written in the 1940's by a guy named Norbert Davis here is a brief history. Davis wrote a lot of short stories, however; not a lot of his work is available in print anymore. His characters make me laugh out loud with their comments and the way they behave.  So far the books have been a quick read and I've enjoyed them. For $0.99, it's a good deal, I plan on buying the other 2 or 3 novels that are available.

Doan & Carstairs Mysteries, Book Two: The Mouse in the Mountain (The delightful mystery classic!)


elysa said...

I just got a Kindle for Christmas too (from the bf) and I'm in love. You must checkout she posts free kindle books daily. I have too many books to read now I think I may never go anywhere. :)

ps: in case you're wondering I stumbled over here from your yelp profile. You were listed on this week's Yelp newsletter.

NikkiD said...

Yay for Yelp! I'm addicted to it. I didn't know there was a newsletter.
I'll definitely check out that site. Thanks for checking my blog site out!

Tara Maya said...

If you'd like a free kindle copy of my fantasy book The Unfinished Song: Initiate, just email me at tara (at) taramayastales (dot) com and I'll send it to you. (Or if you want to just buy it, it's just $0.99 right now on Amazon.)

Tara Maya
The Unfinished Song: Initiate,

NikkiD said...

I'm all about supporting authors! I'll search for it on amazon. Kudos to you!

squirrelmama said...

I wasn't sure I was going to love my e-reader (I have a Nook) but I am smitten with it. That said, I still love "real books, "but it's really nice having the Nook as an option. Especially with the freebies out there!