Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Cats

These are my two cats:

Bucky (black) and Fred (grey). Bucky is going on 3 years old and we're not sure how old Fred is, if I had my guess I'd say close to 2.

Favorite people: eachother, Fred - me; Bucky - Jeff and my Dad
Favorite places to sleep include: on clean laundry, the bed, inside the dryer, on my chest, on top of the couch cusions, and on their cat tree.

Favorite toys include: cat nip mice, the dog, milk tabs, each other.

Favorite activites include: forced groomings (Bucky holds down Fred and grooms), sleeping, eating, hunting, meowing for no reason, getting stuck inside cabinets, dropping things in the water dish, and disrrupting anything that I am working on.

Fred recently caught and ate 1/2 of a pizza crust that had been tossed in the sink. He is becoming quite the proficient hunter. So far he has caught and destroyed a whole bag of egg noodles, a hotdog, a stryofoam cup of ramen, a twinkie, a couple of Christmas ornaments (they were sacrificed to the water dish for some reason), a small plastic horse - again deposited in the water dish, a couple Sonic peppermints and countless milk tabs. Fred is currently in the process of trying to take down my queen bed, but it has proven to be a difficult kill for him thus far. Not for lack of trying though!