Monday, January 24, 2011

Little less of a dilemma but still a dilemma nonetheless

So results from the bloodwork, x-rays, and all that is positive. The Vet thinks that Bo does not have mast cell cancer, because it has not spread at all. That's is good. They still have to do surgery.... that is bad. Poor dog is going to have to wear a cone for 10 day to keep him from licking the affected area (his weiner). Yes, I just said weiner.  The worrisome part is the surgery is going to cost $600. Yikes! I don't exactly have $600 lying around to donate to the vet. I'll have to find the money somewhere, the Vet said in order to keep the cancer from spreading they need to do the surgery ASAP.  So you know.... no pressure. I've got some jewelry that I'm trying to sell, we'll see how much that amounts too.

Anyone willing to donate some dollars to my surgery fund? I need 600 of 'em........No? Lol that's ok, just thought I'd ask.

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