Friday, September 3, 2010


I have horses, I drive a truck, and I wear cowboy boots. First I'm a Texan. ~ Henry Thomas

One must always have one's boots on and be ready to go. ~ Michel de Montaigne

While I don't have horses (I do love them), and I used to drive a truck.....and it's questionable as to whether I am a Texan as I was not born here. (I've been here for 28 out of 29 years, that counts right? ) I still love boots. There is nothing better than a comfy pair of boots to make you feel right with the world. I don't know why that is, but when I wear my boots I feel good. Montaigne has the right idea, in my boots I feel prepared and ready to go.

I have more than one pair of boots now, for a while I only had the one pair. My trusty brown Justin boots. They look similar to this:

These aren't them exactly, but pretty close. I have worn these boots for a long time. They were my first pair of boots. I love to dance in them. The way they help me slide across the dance floor while two-stepping, lots of good memories with these boots. They have scuff marks that betray my inability to walk upstairs and they have a flat spot on both heels that proves I drag my feet, no matter how much I deny it. I've ridden horses while wearing these boots, and I've been in a fight. While I'm definitely not ready to retire my old boots, my new boots are slightly more comfortable to wear. They have more support for my feet and they are certainly more cool looking. I feel kind of bad b/c I've been wearing them more than my old trusty boots. My new boots look like this:
They are pretty awesome, I get comments on them everywhere I go. Who wouldn't like that? I feel like I'm making a statement with my boots!
If you don't have a pair of boots, go find you a pair. You won't regret it. I promise. Once you put on your pair of boots you'll be hooked.

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