Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas time and the great ornament hunting of Fred

So it's Christmas time folks. I found myself walking around Fry's last night singing along with the music they were piping into the store. I can't remember the song, but rest assured I sounded great. The software on the shelf told me so. Strangely enough I bought a book from Fry's. Weird I know, one would think you would buy something electronic. I really went there for a pillow pet thing but they only had bumble bees and I have been informed that those are just not acceptable.....I am to locate a lady bug pillow pet. I personally think the bumble bee one is cute.

Any ways, the point here is that it is Christmas time and I will be getting out Christmas decorations after work this evening. This means getting a christmas tree and decorating it. This also means that Fred cat will now have infintely more things to hunt. He loves ornaments. We discovered this last year when we started finding ornaments that had been deposited in front of the bedroom door. Then we started finding ornaments left in the water dish. Fred seems to be particularly fond of the little cloth gingerbread men my grandmother sent me last year. He carries them around until he finds a suitable place to put them. I found a stash of them in the hidey hold of the cat tree this spring. Sigh. I'm 1/2 tempted to not put any ornaments up on the tree. I know it's a matter of time before he starts climbing the dang thing and breaking the fragile ornaments. I need a cat deterrent for my tree, any ideas?

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