Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Time for a Public Service Announcement.......Leashes!
Please leash your dog. Even if you think you can control your dog, be responsible and use a leash. There are several differnet types of leashes to choose from, all are effective (some more than others)!

I had to call the police last night because the lady who lives across the street refuses to put her dog on a leash. She lets it outside, does not watch it and last night it attacked a lady and her dog while they were out walking. Now the owner of this dog is liable for and damages done to the attack-ee. Not only that but she is at risk of losing her pet. While I personally find it annoying that this inconsiderate woman let her dog have the run of the neighborhood and allowed it to poop everywhere, it is not the dog’s fault that she could not control it. The attackee was not hurt, but it could have been much worse if people had not been outside at the time of the attack. That being said…. Don’t just jump in the middle of a dog fight/attack, you could get hurt as well. If you feel confident enough to break up a dog fight go for it I guess, but I suggest you read this article first.

This really all boils down to responsible dog ownership. Train your dog, neuter/spay your pet, recognize if your dog has aggressive (check this out) or dominant tendencies, if your dog is not in a contained area use a leash. I don’t care if Fluffy is the most obedient dog in the world… use a leash. Always. AND last but not least recognize that your dog is not a small person. A dog is an animal, not your child they have animal instincts. It is ok to love them and feel like they are a part of your family but that does not make them human or capable of human thoughts and feelings.

Please people do you part. Let's reduce the number of dog fights/attacks by being responsible.

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