Friday, March 18, 2011

Bueller...... Bueller......Nichole......Nichole......

Yes, I've not posted for awhile. Mostly I've just been really, really busy. Classes, dog cancer stuff, maintaining my household, busy stuff.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
I have felt so guilty about not posting I haven't even logged on to look at my blog. For shame!
But the need has arisen, I want to make some more Asian inspired pork and the Butt Number recipe is on the blog....
So Here goes.....Updates....
Classes are very nearly finished for this semester. I am set to graduate in August. Yes! That being said I am defending my thesis on 03/26 and I'm mildly stressed as the paper is not finished yet. I also have a research paper due for by Business Ethics course that I haven't started yet.
Dog cancer stuff - the dog has or had cancer. They aren't sure what kind they are thinking mast cell. They removed said cancer and they said he has a good chance of it NOT spreading and NOT coming back. So the pooch has been stuck in a cone for the last 3 weeks driving everyone crazy. But at least it was a good prognosis. So that's good.
B/f has got a child custody thing going that is just a hot mess. I'm not going to get into details but cross your fingers that things go our way on 03/31.
I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Hmmm seems like a lot has happened but now that I type it out it doesn't really seem to be that much.

Here's a giggle for you. I love Get Fuzzy....

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